Schaefer Hydroponics

Schaefer Hydroponics is located in Novo Hamburgo city, Rio Grande do Sul state in South region of Brazil. Since 1998, the company have been developing tubes and plastic channels by using recycled raw material. With more than 20 years within the hydroponics market, we became specialists in manufacturing hydroponic gullies (grade channels) using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The distinctive quality and greater durability of our products are the main factors of our customers’ satisfaction.

Our work consists on meeting the needs and providing solutions for the hydroponic grower, always looking for offering a fair price. This is how we build and consolidate long-term partnerships, with the main goal of promoting growth for all stakeholders.

Quality Management

Nowadays, companies seek to keep continuing improving in all organization’s aspects. It is not different in our field. Schaefer Hydroponics works consistently to optimize its processes, looking for the best utilization of resources and costs control, always looking forward to keep and improve its products’ quality.